What our clients
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"I have worked closely with Disclosure Services for over four years offering the online application services to the various branches and centres in our organisation. The system provides a quick and easy way of obtaining DBS checks for your staff and volunteers, and reducing the amount of administration and chasing tenfold. Useful videos guide you through the process and the staff at DS are always helpful and happy to advise. I would recommend their services regardless of how big or small your organisation as they are happy to help everyone in your efforts to create a safe working environment".

Development Officer, Sports Sector

"We have been using Disclosure Services for more than 10 years now and we have not had any problems with their service. When we need support or advice they are swift and helpful and get back to us on every query that we’ve had. They are highly professional and provide excellent customer service . We would have no hesitation in recommending this company to anyone who needs their services".

Compliance Manager, Recruitment Sector

"I have been very impressed with the service provided by Disclosure Services. You have always managed to turn around our DBS checks very quickly. Doing the online applications with candidates was straight forward and a couple did it without hitch themselves".

Teacher, Education Sector

"Disclosure Services have made the processing of more than 1100 DBS applications over the last two years a painless process. I have made a number of enquiries concerning our applications and have always found the person answering the phone to be polite, well informed and interested in what I was seeking to resolve".

DBS Team, Charity

"When we switched from completing paper DBS application form to this online service, we are extremely impressed by their service. This online process is a lot quicker and the turnaround time can take less than a week sometimes. The team advisers also are very friendly and exceptionally helpful whenever you call them for inquiries. I do recommend this service for all businesses as it is very cost effective and eliminates returns/errors; the friendly advisers effectively check all application meticulously and contact us when further information is required. No time will be wasted!”.

Compliance Officer, Healthcare Sector

"We have been a customer of Disclosure Services for a few years now, they offer an easy to follow website, competitive rates and the best DBS result certificates I have come across. The results are also quick to come back which doesn’t affect business for us. Easy to access customer service line and all staff are willing to help and resolve your issues while listening to the customer’s needs".

Group Compliance Manager, Healthcare Sector

"We find Disclosure Services very helpful when we phone and ask for advice. Emailed enquires are responded to quickly and efficiently. We have great feedback from our members and coaches that use the service".

Safeguarding Manager, Sports Sector

"We have been really happy with the service from Disclosure Services. They have been the only organisation that have been able to provide a DBS solution for our unique form of online volunteering and their staff are always really helpful when dealing with any issues we have".

Volunteer Manager, Charity

Important considerations before you begin

Before you start your Individual Basic DBS Check, it is extremely important that you ask yourself the below questions and fully read the information carefully.

1. Am I applying for my DBS Check in the right place?

If you have been asked by an organisation that is registered with Disclosure Services to conduct a DBS Check, you will need to log into our Client Portal here rather than applying for an Individual Basic DBS Check.

The organisation that has asked you to complete a check will be able to provide you with the logins that you need to gain access to the portal.

Should you continue to proceed and pay for an Individual Basic DBS Check through this portal, your check will be processed by our team and the information will be sent to the DBS for which we will be invoiced.

We will be unable to offer you a refund for applications that have been submitted through the wrong portal or that you no longer require.

2. Am I able to get my identity verified by a Registered Professional?

As part of your application, your identity will need to be verified by a Registered Professional, somebody that has one of the job titles listed here.

COVID-19 : We understand that due to COVID-19, this has become somewhat of a difficult process for people. However, it is incredibly important that you do not progress with your application unless you are able to get your documents verified by a Registered Professional.

Most Registered Professionals will not charge you for this service, but we always recommend asking one that is familiar to you to be sure.

We will be unable to offer a refund for applications that cannot be completed due to an individual being unable to verify their identity.

3. Will I need a paper copy of my certificate in the future?

When completing your application, you will be asked whether you want to receive a ‘Digital’ copy of your certificate or a ‘Paper’ copy.

If you choose to receive a ‘Digital’ copy of your certificate, you will be unable to request a ‘Paper’ certificate at a later date.  The DBS will send you a letter by post to your current address containing an activation code and information on how to access your ‘Digital’ certificate on their website.  Therefore, please make sure that you have access to this location.

This is a rule stipulated by the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS), and as an Umbrella Body, we have to abide by these rules when processing applications.

We will be unable to offer a refund to applicants that have chosen the wrong option on their application. We are also unable to amend an application on your behalf.

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