AI (Artificial Intelligence) v HI (Human Intelligence)

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AI has been big news in recent years, seen both as a threat – ‘robots are going to take our jobs’ – and an opportunity – using AI technology to complete mundane tasks, releasing human capital for roles with more job satisfaction.

We are all touched by what is technically called ‘narrow AI’ in our everyday lives, whether it be SIRI (other variants are available!) or online search engines, while there is a longer-term goal to produce ‘general AI’ to outperform humans at nearly every cognitive task.

Will this ever be achieved? There are a bunch of people better placed to answer this than me. What I do strongly believe though is that AI will never be able to replicate human emotions, love, hate and the ability to empathise being examples.

This links me back to HI – Human Intelligence. Here at Disclosure Services, we base our business around people. Yes, we use technology where it makes sense, but in the foreseeable future people will always play a huge part in our service-based offering.

In June alone our experienced support staff captured over 4500 application errors before sending to the DBS for background check processing. OK, some of these could be captured using AI-driven technology, but the majority would not – eligibility being a prime example.

Having a team of people ready to pick up the phone and talk to our clients through their application and correct any errors (empathising as appropriate) results in a much faster turnaround from the DBS. This, in turn, gets a precious resource active as quickly as possible.

HI, Human Intelligence, people-driven service will always win out for me.

By: Paul Barlow

CEO Disclosure Services

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