What is an Enhanced DBS Check?

An Enhanced DBS Check is the highest level of DBS Check available to people working in England and Wales and is mandatory for people working in regulated activity with children or vulnerable adults such as teaching, training, healthcare, or personal care.   What does an Enhanced DBS Check show? The certificate will show details of […]

DBS Checks for School Governors

Kids standing in front of a black board in a school

Last week, we published a blog which answered some of the questions that we get asked most often around DBS Checks for Teachers. We had several questions off the back of this blog related to whether school governors need a DBS Check, so we have decided to make school governors the subject of this week’s blog. […]

Home-Based position DBS Checks: The Guidance Explained

Home-Based positions

During the Coronavirus lockdown, home-working has been and continues to be essential in keeping businesses running and more importantly, keeping people safe. As we come out of lockdown, more and more businesses are integrating home-working as part of their new norm which may mean that roles that were typically carried out in one particular setting […]

Do DBS Checks Expire? Your FAQ’s Answered

Person filling out a DBS form

When we’re out and about on the road at Exhibitions and Trade Shows, people often tell us that they have a DBS Check but they think that it is probably ‘out of date’ now as they had it done a while ago. Likewise, they will ask us questions such as ‘How long will my DBS […]

Important update from Disclosure Scotland

Disclosure Scotland logo

We wanted to let you know that with the easing of many Coronavirus restrictions across the UK, Disclosure Scotland are now in a position to start accepting routine disclosure applications. However, they will continue to prioritise COVID-19 checks for Coronavirus response workers. Further to this update, Disclosure Scotland have informed us that they will no longer be accepting paper […]

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