DBS Checks for NHS Workers

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The NHS employs over 1.6 million workers, putting it in the Top 5 employers in the world.

For most roles within the NHS, you will need a DBS Check but with so many different roles, it can often be difficult to know which level of check you need.

Using our vast experience, we’ll take you through the three different levels of DBS Checks and advise which roles are eligible for each type of check.


Enhanced Checks

For NHS staff that are engaged in Regulated Activity with Adults or Regulated Activity with Children as part of their role, they will be eligible for an Enhanced Check with a check against the relevant barred list. These include roles in healthcare, personal and social care such as a Doctor, Nurse or Social Worker.

Even if they’re conveying patients due to age, illness or disability in order for them to receive healthcare or personal care, this is also classed as Regulated Activity so is eligible for the same level of check.


Standard Checks

We see thousands of checks every year for NHS staff that have access to patient wards but are not carrying out Regulated Activity, some of these roles include Cleaners, Ward Hosts, Catering Staff, Contractors and Receptionists.

These are all eligible for a Standard Check but if you’re in any doubt, please feel free to contact us for help and advice.


Basic Checks

On rare occasions, staff working for the NHS may only require a Basic Check.

NHS Call Handlers working for the Telephone Advice Service may only be eligible for a Basic Check if their role is to provide directory services ONLY. For example, if they are giving contact details for health services or redirecting calls through to healthcare professionals who then provide care, advice or guidance to an adult or child.

However, if they are providing advice or guidance over the phone and are not supervised by a healthcare professional, they will be eligible for an Enhanced Check.

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