DBS Checks in Gyms and Leisure Centres

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As Gyms and Leisure Centres finalise their safeguarding plans for life after COVID-19 and begin to welcome their members back, we think that there has never been a better time for them to have a look at their other safeguarding measures.

Probably the most important of these is ensuring that those that work unsupervised with children and young people have the correct level of DBS Check.

But what is the correct level and which members of staff should have a DBS Check?

If you are looking for answers, then this blog is for you.


Who is Eligible for DBS Checks in Gyms and Leisure Centres?

Most employees working in Gyms and Leisure Centres will only be eligible for a Basic DBS Check. However, staff members such as Coaches involved in training, teaching, or supervising children will need an Enhanced DBS Check.

An Enhanced DBS Check can be obtained with or without a Barred List check.

If the job role involves Regulated Activity with Children and is carried out more than once a week or 3 times a month, then an Enhanced DBS Check with a Barred List check should be requested.


DBS Eligibility for Lifeguards

Lifeguards are a vital part of any Gym or Leisure Centre with a swimming pool facility and their primary job is to ensure the safety of children and young people. A Lifeguard’s role involves dealing directly with children which makes them eligible for an Enhanced DBS Check with a check of the Children’s Barred List.

The Following duties are considered Regulated Activity and require an Enhanced DBS Check with a check of the Children’s Barred List if they are done once a week or more than 3 times a month:

  • Overseeing swimmers
  • Assisting with swimming lessons
  • Responding to emergencies and rescuing swimmers in danger of drowning
  • Performing first aid procedures
  • Maintaining order in swimming areas

Managers or supervisors who are responsible for maintaining records and reports of the staff performing the duties above will also be eligible for an Enhanced DBS Check with a check of the Children’s Barred List.

For employees not meeting the above criteria, they are eligible for an Enhanced DBS Check without a Children’s Barred List check.

How do I request a Basic DBS Check?

You can now apply for a Basic DBS Check yourself on our website. Apply here.

What information does a Basic DBS Check show?

The certificate will contain details of unspent convictions and conditional cautions.

How do I request an Enhanced DBS Check?

Enhanced DBS Checks can only be requested through an organisation i.e. your employer, as part of their recruitment process. Individuals cannot apply for an Enhanced DBS Check themselves.

What information does an Enhanced DBS Check show?

An Enhanced DBS Check certificate shows cautions, warnings, reprimands, spent and unspent convictions held on the Police National Computer, except for the DBS filtering rule.

Visit our FAQ section to read more about background checks.

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