DBS ID checking: The process explained

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With all level of DBS checks, the ID checking is a mandatory part of the DBS process. If you carry out background checks on your potential employees as part of your recruitment process, as an employer, you are making a legal declaration to validate the identity of the applicant.

In this blog, we will explain what documents an applicant can use to prove their identity and what you need to do as an employer when checking these documents.


What is the DBS ID checking process and what do I need do as an employer?

Applicants can complete their application remotely using our online portal at any time, in any location and using any device. Once an application is submitted to you, you will be responsible for checking the applicant’s ID before submitting the application to us.

This process involves physically examining the ID documents provided by the applicant to ensure that the evidence provided matches with the details given on their DBS application and that the documents are genuine and valid.

The type and number of documents that each applicant will need to provide will vary from applicant to applicant and will depend on the level of check, the documents that they have available and their nationality.

To view the full list of routes and documents click here.


What can you do if an applicant can’t provide the required ID documents?

If an applicant is unable to provide the required documents for any of the three routes, they will have to submit a paper application form which requires them to go for fingerprinting at their local police station. This will be arranged directly by the DBS.

However, if an applicant is a non-EEA national that is applying for a paid role, they won’t be able to verify their identity through fingerprinting. This is because without providing enough documents to prove their right to work in the UK, they cannot apply for a DBS check.


Key points to remember when ID checking

As we have explained, the DBS ID checking process is a mandatory part of the application process to confirm the identity of an applicant. Here are the key points to remember when ID checking:

From the Submission Preview page –

  • Make sure to check the full name, date of birth, address history and previous names (if any)
  • At least one piece of ID proves their current address
  • Required documents provided to prove their right to work in the UK (non-EEA)
  • Only accept original documents
  • All documents meet the DBS required validity period

Our online system makes the process of applying for your DBS Checks simple and straightforward. It allows the applicant to select the appropriate documents based on the information provided plus they will have access to our guidance written by industry experts to help them throughout the process.

If you still require assistance, our client administrators are on hand to assist you so please give us a call on 01978510100, get in touch using the button below or use the live chat facility.

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