Home-Based position DBS Checks: The Guidance Explained

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During the Coronavirus lockdown, home-working has been and continues to be essential in keeping businesses running and more importantly, keeping people safe.

As we come out of lockdown, more and more businesses are integrating home-working as part of their new norm which may mean that roles that were typically carried out in one particular setting are now being carried out in a home setting.

But did you know that depending on the activities that you carry out from your own home, you may be eligible for a home-based position check at the time of applying for your Enhanced DBS Check?


What is the definition of a Home-based position?

For a role to be classed as a home-based position that requires a check, the applicant must be:

  • Teaching, training, instructing, guiding, supervising, caring for or providing healthcare to a child or adult from their home address and the individual must be present
  • Childminding, fostering or adoption of children from their home address
  • Living and working on the premises of an educational institution, 16-19 academy for children, institution for the detention of children or a children’s home, nursery or children’s centre
  • Living in the same household as another person who is being checked for any of the above reasons that involve working with a child only

Please note: Positions are not considered home-based if the individual is carrying out their role at the home of an individual being cared for.


What does a Home-based position check consist of?

A home-based position check is essentially a third party check which allows the police to consider not only information that is held about the applicant but also information about a family member, relative or close friend.

Please note: When a DBS Check is in relation to members of a household rather than the individual who is carrying out their role, there has to be the opportunity for that individual to have contact with a Child. There is currently no legislation that allows a DBS Check to be carried out for individuals who live in the same household as somebody who is providing Regulated Activity to an Adult.


What roles would typically require a home-based check?

One of the most common roles that are eligible for a home-based position check is a Nanny or Au Pair that lives and works at a Children’s home. Similarly, any member of a church that carries out eligible work from a place that they live will also be required to have a home-based position DBS check.

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