Complaints Handling Policy

Disclosure Services Ltd are dedicated to providing excellent Customer Service, we take great pride in delivering an exceptional customer experience, every time, without exception.

Our Complaints policy is in place to ensure any complaints received are handled in an efficient, effective, consistent, transparent and timely manner, and are dealt with fairly.

Any person or organisation using our services is entitled to make a complaint if they feel that they have just cause to do so.

Disclosure Services will aim to provide a complaints management procedure that:

  • Provides an efficient, fair and structured mechanism for handling complaints
  • Is simple and easy to use
  • Is available to all customers via the Disclosure Services website
  • Informs customers as to the progress of their complaint and the expected time frame for resolution
  • Reviews complaints on a regular basis, the aim being always to learn and improve our standard of customer service

If you make a complaint to Disclosure Services, you can expect that we will:

  • Treat you with respect
  • Tell you what to expect whilst your complaint is being investigated
  • Implement our complaint handling process in a fair and open way
  • Explain the reasoning behind any decisions that are made
  • Protect your privacy

The following outlines our policy and procedures for the handing of both verbal and written complaints:

If you have a complaint regarding any aspect of your account or dealings with Disclosure Services, we urge you to contact our Customer Service team in the first instance. Our objective is always to resolve any complaints immediately.

If after discussing your complaint with one of our expert Customer Service team you are not satisfied with the response given, then please click here to submit your complaint.

  • Upon receipt of receiving a complaint, you will receive acknowledgement via email within 2 business days.
  • We will, on a weekly basis, keep you informed of the progress of your complaint, proposed actions and the expected timeframe for resolution – our aim is to resolve all complaints in a timely manner and we will generally resolve a complaint within 20 working days.
  • Complex complaints may take longer than 20 working days to resolve, in these cases we will continue to update you weekly on the progress and likely timeframe for resolution.
  • Once your complaint has been resolved, we will advise you of the outcome via email.
  • If you are not satisfied with the outcome, you may ask for the complaint to be escalated to the Senior Management team (SMT) directly. Depending on availability, a representative of the SMT will liaise with you directly.

A complaint register will be kept by Disclosure Services, recording the following information:

  • Details of the complainant and the nature of the complaint
  • Date lodged
  • Action taken
  • Date of resolution
  • Decision made / Outcome – Reason for Decision noted
  • Indication of complainant being notified of outcome
  • Complainant response and any further action required

Information relating to complaints will be kept for 7 years.

The complaints register and associated information / files will be confidential and access restricted to the CEO, Head of Operations & Customer Service, and the Compliance Manager.