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Enhanced AccessNI Check

Enhanced check can be obtained if the applicant will work or volunteer in a role involving children or vulnerable adults.

An individual cannot apply for an Enhanced check themselves. An Enhanced application must be counter-signed by an AccessNI-registered organisation.

An Enhanced certificate will show the following:

  • Spent and unspent convictions from the Police National Computer
  • Cautions, informed warnings and other non-court disposals from the Police National Computer
  • Information held by the Disclosure and Barring Service (for positions in regulated activity)
  • Information held by the police that is relevant to the role applied for

Frequently Asked Questions

  • PIN given to you by the organisation that asked you to get a Enhanced check.
  • Your home addresses for the last five years
  • Your National Insurance number
  • Your driving licence and passport numbers (if you have these documents) and 1 further ID document

70% of applications are completed within 10 days.

95% within 21 days and 98% within 28 days.

Once an application is completed Enhanced certificates are issued within 7 days for online certificates and 8 days for paper certificates.

If the role is eligible for a standard or enhanced check, AccessNI will provide the check free of charge to a volunteer who:
  • gives their time in a role to a non-profit organisation to perform any activity free of charge (except for travelling and other out-of-pocket expenses)
  • does something for the good of the community or a volunteer group, not for their own benefit or for the benefit of a close relative
AccessNI will charge for a Standard or Enhanced check if:
  • the person is volunteering directly for a statutory organisation
  • the person is volunteering for a non-profit organisation in a position which delivers statutory services under contract or in a specific project, where the organisation receives funding from the government including the cost of disclosures for volunteers
An individual is not eligible for a volunteer check if:
  • they are getting paid for the activities
  • they are benefiting themselves e.g. work experience or help them obtain a job or with their career
Please note we charge an admin fee and VAT for each volunteer application.

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