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Standard and Enhanced Disclosure Scotland Check

Standard and Enhanced disclosures are higher level checks and are for people working in specified roles and can only be applied for by an employer or a registered body representing you.

Standard Disclosure Scotland Check

A Standard level disclosure can be carried out for people in certain types of work such as:

A standard disclosure shows criminal history information from UK records including:

Enhanced Disclosure Scotland Check

If you are planning to work in Scotland you are eligible for an enhanced disclosure if you apply:

An Enhanced disclosure certificate will show:

Frequently Asked Questions

You are unable to apply for a Standard or Enhanced Disclosure Scotland check as an individual, as you cannot ask yourself the exempted question or make an employment suitability decision on yourself.

Your current or new employer can apply for you. They’ll give you a paper form to complete and they will send the completed forms back to us for us to submit to Disclosure Scotland. If you need a paper form, you can ask for it to be posted to you. Please ask your employer to provide you with the paper form.

If you are an employer and would like to request paper forms, please click here to register for free.

90% of disclosure applications are completed within 14 calendar days. You’re likely to receive your disclosure certificate within this time, as long as there are no mistakes or requests for more information.

A disclosure check will not have an expiry date and there is no specific period for which they are valid. However, a criminal record check is only as good as the day it’s printed. Any information can be added to an applicant’s record after the issue date of the Certificate which would not be included on the Certificate.

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