Safeguarding in Adult Care Homes

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There are over 20,000 Care Homes in the UK, providing a residential setting for some of the most vulnerable people in our society, some of whom require around the clock care. It is a well-known fact that the UK population is ageing with more people living longer lives than ever before so this number is sure to increase in the future.

Due to the nature of business of an Adult Care Home, all employees will regularly come into contact with elderly or vulnerable residents in the course of their duties. Therefore, when recruiting for positions within a Care Home, under the Safeguarding Care Act 2014, it is incredibly important to ensure that all individuals involved are responsible for the safeguarding of the staff and residents.

One of the best ways to make safer recruitment decisions is to carry out a DBS Check.


What Level of DBS Check do I need?

All employees working within a Care Home will be eligible for an Enhanced Check due to the setting and the frequency in which they come into contact with vulnerable residents.

If an employee is also engaging in Regulated Activity with Adults, they will also be eligible for an additional check against the Adult Barred list.


How do I know if I’m engaging in Regulated Activity with Adults?

You will be engaging in Regulated Activity with Adults if you carry out any of the following job functions:

  • Providing Health Care to an adult including palliative care, psychotherapy, and counselling
  • Providing Personal Care to an adult in the form of feeding, washing or toileting etc.
  • Providing Social Work to an adult in connection with health services or social services
  • Conveying an adult to or from Health Care, Personal Care, or Social Work appointments
  • Assisting an adult in the conduct of their own affairs under a formal appointment
  • Assisting an adult with general household matters such as managing cash, paying bills or shopping on their behalf.

A person whose role includes the day to day management or supervision of any person who is engaging in Regulated Activity, is also in Regulated Activity.

Regulated Activity excludes any activity carried out in the course of family relationships and personal, non-commercial relationships.

The Department of Health have a much more in-depth document regarding Regulated Activity with Adults which can be found here.

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